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Who we Are

Who We Are


Founded with the aim to proposing ecological solutions for the industry, through the marketing of products with low environmental impact, PURmate, operational since 2010, is particularly involved in the polyurethane, resin and plastic industries.


Supported by internationally partners, and boasting numerous collaborations with established professionals in the aforementioned sector, PURmate offers, for its customers, high-tech products, innovative, safe for the operator and in line with the new environmental regulations.


Bio solvents derived from agrochemistry, high-tech solvents for special applications, non-flammable halogenated solvents, industrial enzymatic detergents, enzymatic detergents for the agri-food industry, make up the product range that we are proud to offer for the Italian and European markets. Rigid polyurethane foams for thermal insulation and filling, polyurethane glues, low toxicity polyurethane release agents, and color pastes represent another part of the Purmate business. Most of our products have specific certification suitable for the type of application (NSF, Ecolabel, Ecodesign).

Company philosophy

In these years of activity, Purmate has established itself as a reliable partner for its customers, placing the needs of the latter to the work center of the company, through constant research and development of the most suitable product, always pursuing science and technological innovation at the service of the environment.

Protect the health and safety of our collaborators, our customers and the entire planet by directing our research work towards materials with ODP – VOC – GWP equal to 0, less toxic and harmful to the operator and the environment.